Marie Stegger Schmidt was born in 1986 in Aarhus, Denmark. From childhood and through adolescence creativity has always been important to her: Painting, music, and theatre – as a performer, as audience or backstage as a dresser. Writing has always been a big dream for her since childhood and something she loved at school.

Marie Stegger Schmidt

As an adult she became a nurse and has been working at several hospitals in Denmark and abroad. Exploration has always been a great part of Marie – a drive making her explore both the arts and the world.

Today Marie lives in Copenhagen with her fiancé and their baby boy Charley. She is realizing her dream and works as the manager of the family publishing house “Charleys Mor”. In 2020 with her fiancé she self-published her first children’s book “Drillepind”, which became a bestseller in Denmark.

Marie is one of the two founders of Creator’s Field Podcast. Marie says, “You can’t separate mind from body. It’s one entity and it’s a mystery to me that it is not evident in our society and culture. We are all humans so how can it be taboo? That’s what we want to explore using creativity as a tool and a sort of magic wand.”